Archived 2010 – Check Yourself Before You..

I Overturned a Turtle

“The term “non-conformist” is a misnomer in two senses: first in that it describes a variety of Christian movements which in their view seek to be conformist, albeit with the desires of God rather than those of a flawed society and established church. It is this ‘divine conformity’ that has energized their cr
eation, shaped their form and challenges their future. The second sense in which this title is a misnomer is that in many parts of the world it is the ‘non-conformist’ churches which are in fact the dominant (and fastest growing) models of Christianity.  Sociologically, in North America religion is lived at the ground level in a ‘de facto congregationalism’ in which people presume to join congregations, temples and mosques even when that very Protestant model is elsewhere foreign to the religion.

 “The mega-church phenomenon in the United States and elsewhere and the spread of entrepreneurial churches have added a new dimension to the ‘normativity of non-conformity’.”
Michael Montgomery

So I realized that by not conforming and then wanting you to be a part of my clan – really that’s kind of dumb. I just am who I am.  This guy said exactly what I was trying to say in far less words.   Thanks Mom, for pointing it out.

We can start a movement of the Christian Nomads. As in regards to the Hells Angels Nomads minus the death and drug abuse. We have no one to follow but God, who is not an organization. So let’s be free individualists combining under the same idea. Let’s acknowledge that we’re on the same page, and start acting like we actually know what Book we’re talking about here.


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