Archived 2011 – TPW V. 1

Manifestation of a Bieber Rash

My biggest concern for humanity started with an inconvenient thought that kept me from last night’s peaceful sleep. The President of oh say – 2028, will have grown up alongside the incorrectly worshiped idols of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. The Presidents being created in this era will have not ever lived without Facebook or a Smartphone. It forced me out of bed and into the kitchen at 2am for some cheese bread. With each piece of cheddar bread and crumb that fell into the sheets I continued thinking about this concern. It’s not just the trashy celebrities we have an unhealthy obsession with that have damaged our society and disgraced us. Credit must be given to the fantastic figures of the Bush Administration – 9/11 immediately changed the world forever. Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier accomplished little as a Haitian leader, unless you account for the billions of dollars he stole from the people. I despise Mark Zuckerberg even though I can’t stay away from the infectious social network. But does it even matter how I connect with people when Health Canada and the RCMP can invade my home without reason. In the event of a raid I doubt I’ll be thinking about who poked me last.

I’m concerned about the Earth over heating, absolutely. I’m more interested though, with the new planets they’ve found and the melting ice on Jupiter. I’m even more concerned with the massive debt loads we’re leaving our currently growing generation and those that will follow. With an awkward love for Grey Goose and chat rooms, life is starting at a younger age. Adolescence does not dance around a camp fire nor chase through forests anymore. Forts are not built but tattered sheets are thrown out. Childhood is not created by the imagination but by the flashing lights of video games and high scores. It is misguiding our future and leading them into a world of nonsense and low IQ scores. Eventually we will need to be taken care of and our descendents will be offered the obligation of health care, financial aid, and patience. Will they be able to accept the challenge and make a difference? What are we preparing our children for, a world with the burnt branding of Walmart and Mubarak? Of course some things we can only accept not change but an ocean whirlpool of accumulated plastic products; having sand mixed with plastic particles rush between our toes at the beach, and the rumor that China has genetically modified plastic rice are a few of things I believe we can fight against and change.

The fact that IBM has successfully created a super type human computer that won Jeopardy three nights in a row; frightens me. The vivid image of Arnie pops into my mind. I’ll acknowledge that California says he was a lousy governor but Terminator was terrifyingly awesome. So when I saw on the news last night that the first surgery ever, by a robot, was preformed – okay so robotic arms with man-power control but the brain is there and now the machinery – I was put to side with a slight shift. Then I remembered Japan’s robotic teachers, which use a generic real life teacher on a monitor operated by a robot. I anxiously changed the channel but the irony of this technological advancement stung with each button press on the remote. In the beginning it was all meant to create this mystical four day work week. This would make the luxurious lifestyle available to all citizens. The money, energy, and resources that were wasted to achieve this magical American experience left us with a 58% workers’ stress leave and an average 60 hour work week. We can barely afford our food and our houses are under assessed. This is the environment we have set up for ourselves and our futures. This is what we’ve created and what we’ve destroyed. The lost art of communication burdens us with txts and tweets. Is anyone else thinking in 140 characters? I’d pick up the phone if I wasn’t so afraid of human interaction; I’ll just send you a bbm or Facebook message instead.

iPads are finding their touchy way into our libraries and schools; I’m expecting to see them in public facilities and government facilities in the near future. I recommend buying as many books as you can from now on as they may become obsolete. And of course on one environmental side it will help out our tree population or lack thereof. But if you’re someone who enjoys the feeling of each page, the shadow of each letter, and the breaking of a new spine then please savour all the books you can. Rescue the literary artworks of Charles Dickens and Shakespeare. Expand your brain past App World and divulge into the fictitious world and into the factual world, past what might be pixellated across five inches. I can acknowledge that Bill Gates turned his multibillion dollar Microsoft profit into a philanthropy of humanitarian need. Bill and Bono may be contributing greatly to saving the world but they are simply exceptions to the rule.

Recycle, Rethink, and Reduce. Put through the process all of the things you mistakenly hold so dear and reevaluate your reasoning. Bieber Fever is not as contagious as the cholera that rapidly spread after the Haitian earthquake. Google maps view of Paris ’s beautiful but so are the mountains before seven am on a Sunday. We’ll never be able to escape Sarah Ferguson’s intent or Bev Oda’s revision but we can avoid the effects of petroleum depletion and financial insecurity. Self adjustments, home, business, and community adjustments can be made to redirect the current environment. We used to be a nation that people cherished and respected; now we are a society that shits on itself because that’s what brings viewers in. So join me in a semi-revolution of change. The future, she is bleak. The least we can do is try to save ourselves. It’s time to change the way we’ve been raising our up and coming generations. We’ve failed as a global parent and as individuals; Dr. Phil would not be pleased.


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