Just Like I Told the Man

Just like I told the man, it’s become a constant struggle. Two sides against each other, a tug-a-war where the champion only fails.

I find myself placed with many questions, but with neither side winning; I stand abruptly in the middle. And here I was expecting the inevitable victory.

It is rather disappointing, because the man said the right is always stronger.

And for a second there – I believed him.
He sounded so sure, I was easily convinced. I’ll admit I hesitated at first. But his charming personality, and charismatic flow left me thinking I was not the fool.

Again, I turn out to be just another story at his Friday night poker game. I’m sure the boys’ll get a kick outta this one.

No hard feelings, we live and learn.

I thought about going back, Monday morning bright and early. Ask him for my money back, but he’ll just smile at me. I’ll swallow my pride and stick my head up high. March through those doors and show him, that I’m not backing down.

But the after taste of pride becomes bitter and sour. So I sink down low, and hope that at the least he can’t remember me. That I am just another face, with another name, and another question.

Maybe I’ll go with a different inquiry, in a pitiful attempt to trick him. He won’t know its me.

But who am I kidding, we both know – he’ll know.

So when I pass his shop I look straight ahead, in a pitiful attempt to trick myself. Because although he led me to believe, that I was not the fool. I am after all, easily persuaded.

In the end, I turned out to be exactly what he said I wasn’t.

But I can not recall – what he said I was.

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