Lemonade Stand

On occasion, I will turn on mainstream media. Flick the remote to channel 9800 now that TELUS has changed things around, and try to numb myself without questioning authority. As I sit there, wondering what the fuck they are really saying. This entertainment for the masses dismisses any reality we may have to the world around us. Ian introduces the hipster weather girl after briefly letting us know that American drones killed Syrian civilians. DONT WORRY DEMOCRACY IS ON THE WAY. So ok, I sit back and i think to myself what is really going on. From one end of the spectrum you’ve got the last days. So apparent it is really quite a shame we don’t all stop and forgive. On the other side you’ve got an economic collapse of the magnitude. I was reading that the collapse about to unfold will be worse than that of 2007/8. This in my opinion is kind of funny because at the time it was the greatest, most severe of all that could happen. So by human nature it will be interesting to see how things actually unfold.

So let’s just start at one end of things. My mind, as yours, is far too tiny to really in any sense fathom what is actually happening. We are all just fools to think we understand. But for the sake of it all, we will pretend we know a thing or too. At least I will. Join me, if you feel like it. Otherwise that’s cool, man. Enjoy the sand, don’t get too much in your ears.

What's Wild?!

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