Cape Feare – 2010

As a general rule, I’ve usually just accepted things for the way they were. Of course, change is a necessary part of life, but I mean really just accepted life for all it’s absolutely horrid points. And for all it’s absolutely beautiful points too. Rather than having an issue or an upset it’s easier to just accept it and move on. Or as I like to tell my Mom, “put a smile on your face and fucking deal with it, because Jesus loves you.” This is only used in EXTREME messures.

However, lately, I’ve been feeling rather honest with myself and with the people around me. I’m still working on being completely honest with them, but the only place to start is with yourself. There seems to be a lot of situations where my main thought is “I have no one to blame but myself.” And it always fits, and it’s always true.

For example. this morning I was having a heck of a time trying to make a simple garden hose work. I mean really, a garden hose? But no really, I couldn’t get the water to come out of the nozzle. After many attempts and repeated F bomb offences I buckled down and asked my boss for help. As per usual with one twist of the knob the water began to spew. And I was left there standing completely stupid and frustrated.

It is simple mistakes like that, that set the whole day into motion. I guarentee you that if I had simply (oh the irony) manned up and turned the knob just a little more, that my day would have been a little better. But if that’s the case then the truth of the matter really is that I have no one else to blame but myself. Again, no matter where I turn I’m hit the face by a big hunk of life. So, I sit there, generally pretty ripped, and ponder all of life’s big hits. After lots and lots of blaming Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right and all his lady friends, the bottle spins and I’m left kissing only myself.

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