Shots Fired

This is something I don’t quite get among others:

Why should kindness need be a request? Stop me before I continue – political correctness was an experiment that failed a long time ago. People have the right to be able to say what they mean when they mean it and the recipient has the same right to be defensive or hurt. If this person’s a major asshole in which case they deserve every bit of defense you can offer and that retribution should be OK.

But what I’m trying to mean is consider a functioning relationship between two people who exists with or without an audience, should one party need to ask for kindness from the other? Is that something that someone should ask from another human? When maybe that other human isn’t nice for their own personal reasons or for one personal reason. Should a human have to ask their fellow-man to just be nice?

Is kindness taught or is it a second nature? Does it begin with one and lead into another simply because this world is so cruel?

And on that note,

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