how unfair, oh but just

More Often than Sometimes

Oh, sometimes. I am so foolish.
What a wreck! What a broken vessel, am I!
I hardly know how to describe,
this being that I claim to be.
Utterly, stubborn, this is me.
Oh for what I am, Lord, have mercy.

OK, you may or may not – most likely the latter because I can’t imagine anyone who has read this – have read this but either way I have. To be honest with you I did like it when it first happened. I knew that it was slightly twisted and I understood what I was saying. It was probably my more honest piece of work. Which is also probably why it terrified me. So I think that although it spoke with some magnitude of personal truth I would rather it sit in a file somewhere collecting cyber-dust. One of those that we can revisit down the road on the my next unsuccessful blog. No self-esteem issue intended.

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