Quick to Pull the Trigger


Sometimes the most nonsensical scenario is the most logical conclusion. When I think about the times I have been rational I think about what a fool I am. I hope I am not the only one with this contradiction. But then, I think, about the guy that came up with the pool noodle. I mean there is something that most people, without having splashed around in a pool with a foam tube under their butt, would think is ridiculous! Some would nod and say, ‘yeah I hear ya’ but for the most part it would just be a silly notion of someone’s creativity. And what a creation it was! I don’t think he minded the snickering or the second-guessing. Neither, I don’t think, did the broke guy sitting outside of a network studio sketching a hysterical family onto to a notepad because a slightly less silly creation needed to stay close to home.

So what I am getting at is even seeing silly ideas through or part way is good for us. It’s in the failing that we succeed. That’s where we shine because only someone who can handle failure can handle success. It’s worked for and it’s not easy but why should it be.

Of course, an idea is always handy. A goal, a place-setting that defines what you’re working for, or a fluke revelation that’s kind of divine in a way you could not have planned it better yourself. Think about things that are already here and how one may improve on that. Think often and write more. Sketch your ideas and keep everything. An equation written on a napkin still solves for x. Leave nothing unturned because curiosity leads to discovery and when things seem like they have been there the whole time it’s just the patience of the universe waiting for you to finally figure it out.

What's Wild?!

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