Starbucks Looking Red – I Don’t Give a Cup

For the most part I like to stay out of pop-culture. I’ll stay relevant just enough to know what’s sort of going on but I prefer to stay ignorant. When it comes to trending hashtags, it’s often bliss. I browse the image version of Reddit and so there are front page internet trends as well as ideas and theories that never make it past celebrities and cat videos. While you may have to hunt for something of substance it’s worth the trouble. So as I’m swiping through, I see an uproar of posts about Starbucks and their red cup?

As I understand it, there’s nothing Christmas about the cups – just red, white, and green – and this is just another stab in the ‘war on Christmas’. The Atlantic sums it up. Someone got really upset and made a video that went viral which has sparked the same in others. Only these people aren’t upset about the plain, red cups but about the people that are upset about the plain, red cups. There are some good points, “I don’t care what’s on the cup – 12 bucks for coffee should be the issue.” – random internet stranger. There are a lot of Christians coming forward saying “We’re not mad, it’s a cup”. As well as Atheists saying, “put a whole nativity scene on it, we’re not mad”. It seems, collectively people don’t have a problem with the cup at all. On one hand that brings us closer this holiday season. Truth is, that’s a pretty festively neutral design.

On the other hand, some people are taking the plain, red cup and decorating it themselves. A good one I saw was “if you’re upset about the art on a cup, you need Jesus”. Another, more unappealing one that I found which got me wild and brought me here was this picture – it’s not that bad but it’s pretty rude under any circumstance. Funny for some, dumb for others. Someone did a rainbow colored cup and yeah it made my eyes roll but I also thought it was a good come back. It’s just sucks that people have to do things like this at all. From the outraged viral video to the viral decoration. I understand there is so much out there on the internet and in the world that denotes and condemns not only God but religion entirely but now it feels like the situation is really blown out of proportion. Now it kinda hurts.

The cups made no difference – a lot of people thought it was for AIDS awareness – and now there’s just one more way to mock Christ and those that believe in something. It’s a jab at everyone. Fuck Hanuka? What’s the difference? I mean it just seems excessive and unfortunate to see the blatant addition of that anti-God, anti-Christ mentality. Faith and spirituality is crucial to a good, healthy life. No matter what you believe and no matter what comes your way – that higher power can get you through this life. It’s not going to be roses over night but I can’t imagine the further heartache without it. Perhaps there is less without spirituality. I don’t know just as so many people don’t know who Christ is or even who God is. What God is. There are so many that have been harmed by man with the use of religion as their tool. So I can’t sit here and preach to you – convince you my way is the way. I would love to discuss the gospel and share it with you because it breaks my heart to see these things in a world where we are truly blessed. There is so much that I can learn from you. The person that drew that declaration (because that is what it is and they may know not what they do) could very easily be a Syrian looking for a place to sleep with no food and only the clothes on their back which after months of trying to find refuge are dirty, torn, and not warm at all.

This is just silly, let this be the last thing you read about Starbucks red cups. It is a good marketing ploy; I haven’t thought about them until this came up. Love God, Love Your Neighbor, & Love Yourself – at least one.


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