Quasi-Pluto Existential Crisis

What, if anything, am I supposed to do with my life?

This is a question asked by many and answered by few. No one can tell you what to do with your life. That’s like recommending what kind of pizza to get when you ordered pasta. There no multiple choice test that will tell you.I’ve searched the depths of Google for a solution – I’m talking all the way to page 8 on the search results. They all ask you the same questions: do you like to work with your hands or not; are you a problem solver or not; are you outgoing or not? Answering these basically tells you whether or not you should sit behind a desk.

I want to be passionate about something but for some reason that passion has never really found a place with me. I’m a little passionate about a lot of things but never with one thing, the same thing.

What's Wild?!

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