There are many, many things humans do that baffle me. There many, many things I do that baffle people. It’s incredibly strange having to live this life and still be socially functional. It can be for some people relentlessly tiring to host yet a need for them to constantly issue out invites to all parties. Or some just need to be right. There is rhyme and reason for a lot of strange human behavior and even more theories on the matter. It covers various topics from shoplifting to serial killing. What about serial romancing? People that are only interested if there is the chance of a relationship. It’s not that I don’t want to continue getting to know you, possibly creating something beautiful and ever lasting, full of magic, whimsy, and all that good shit. It’s just not going to be over the comments section in a forum and a slutty survey or in the parking lot after math class and the second time you say I’m the One.

Either way, our nature is invitingly bizarre and I highly recommend going out there and meeting people. You’ll come across a few idiots – and I apologize for mankind when they’re mean – but after a while you’ll meet someone that’s just bizarre enough like you. There’s a wild one for us all – chances are a few.

What's Wild?!

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