Don’t Upset the Internet

When you sit behind a keyboard, rat tap tapping away with a glowing orb in front of you that takes away these fine moments you have on earth, you forget there are also other humans at the other ends of their screens.

That’s not to say I am vastly ignorant and rude to the people who pass me by on the internet or on the street. At least not intentionally. When I am intentionally rude the chances of it coming back and haunting me are pretty staggering. The thing about the internet in some cases but in no cases is it this way in life – you have a moment to take back what you said. Before the comment gets out there to potentially hurt someone, you have a second to become self-aware and remove all doubt. Of course, there are times when a post hits the wrong nerve and sparks something of interest and discussion. It’s not ideally the direction you had but it makes people think and that is so important in a day and age where most everything is given at the click of a mouse. In real life, you have to think before you speak.

So you debate with yourself back and forth if you should press enter let alone leave a rather questionable idea on the board. That is until someone else comes along with a rhetoric. Well by then it’s all over and now you have to calmly compose yourself and react accordingly. Do you react at all? You’ve started this – this thing – whatever it is and now you’ve been confronted. Is there an option to flee? Can you get out of there unsaved with a typo or a misunderstanding? Pardon me, what did you say? That is to say, easier said than done over the internet – literally. Those pixellated black lines staring at you, waiting for a response, quickly checking to see if anything new came up. Otherwise, it’s darting eyes and wondering face getting squished in unresolved anger. I didn’t mean your baby was ugly, I meant that baby over there. 

Let’s be serious, it doesn’t matter whose baby’s the ugliest but that they got upset and now have to tell you their reasoning and why you are the scum of the earth. No, that is not how thermodynamics work, you heathen. Let me tell you about that one thing I read that one time. It’s not a fight that keeps your eyes steady – they roll right through your head.

Then it happened last night. I found myself screen to screen with an internet bully. At least another random internet user such as myself who was maybe not having such a good day – and I had him upset. Mind you, I’ve upset worse but I’ve also handled it worse. I really think I’m maturing and growing.


In this case, I am the OP and the grey line is the random internet user I so entirely insulted with my pretentious up-vote “whoring”.  The post in question is a collection (ok so 53 is a big number) of funny Simpsons’ signs. The four comments that I responded to all happened one after the other and I even slept on it before responding. I ended the post with a measly 136 points and 19 comments. As well, I deleted 49 photos out of frustration and embarrassment. It was a pitiful prospect when you look at the sheer numbers. I also asked him about his weed (his username was something like stonermanatweeddotcom) because it seemed lousy when paired with his equally lousy attitude.

There is no aftermath and no second thought but I feel sorry for this human. There is no reason to be that angry or that miserable except when you are that angry or that miserable then everything is a reason. For that person, this was just another one. Hopefully, it pleased them to see that my post didn’t travel very far and they felt as silly as I did.

So life carried on as it always does and as it always should. If you can’t remember the reason why you’re mad, then don’t be mad. If you can, let it go. Do not hold that hurt inside for it is wearing on the heart and taxing on the mind. Forgiveness without reconciliation –  happens all day long. It is the most common and easiest way to forgive. It is for yourself – not for any of the reasons but for yourself – to move on and live fully.

Do not let the sun go down when you are still angry or you might be like this guy.


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