Here We Go Again – PEI Kid Deserves Justice

Bullies Suck

I came across this post here and it really struck a chord. You may or may not have seen it already the way things spread on Facebook. We’ve all experienced bullying or torment from our supposed friends and peers. Some of us have been the bully and it’s not something you’d want for anyone on either side. I’m posting this for awareness and the hope that this will hit the right person. Whether you need the courage to speak up or a reason to change your attitude, this might be it.

Melanie McNally’s son has been bullied for years. He’s been hanged and tossed, lost teeth and courage, but just recently he fought back and nearly missed a situation that could have ended his life. The PEI school board, Ministry of Education, and PEI School Board Lawyer are continuously trying to dismiss this case and McNally is under dire financial obligation to fight for her son’s justice. Which really shouldn’t have to be fought for on the school yard.

I think you will find her original Facebook post here.

There is a silver lining: Melanie McNally’s Facebook post thanking everyone for their support. Another reason you don’t have to deal with this on your own.


Keep fighting the good fight and don’t back down. Always remember that even in this great, big world – you are not alone. Anywhere, anytime.

Stop a Bully – Canada’s Anti-Bullying Reporting System
Bullying Canada – Support Forum
Kids Help Phone – It’s a click away


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