General Life Update – Where Have You Been?!

“Where have you been!?” A rhetorical sentiment usually followed by “How have you been?!” because people tend to claim they want to know everything but that’s a terrible thing to ask someone you haven’t seen in a while. They have been living albeit without you and that is the beauty of life – it goes on. It can pass a person by and before you know it we’re sharing stories of ‘if’ and ‘when’. Except when we run into people from when and we have to summarize in minutes the tales of our if. You don’t really want to tell the truth; oh I’ve been hauled up in my dining-room-turned-office, working away – spinning my wheels, not really sure but nonetheless ready.

Of course, this is just where you ask them about themselves and the conversation carries on. Those same kind of people are also their favorite topic but either way here’s where I’ve been.

Over the course of five, six years I worked mostly manual labor type jobs. Eventually I made it in to more skilled trade but that’s not to say the laborious work didn’t take skill. I certainly found it more fulfilling to shovel shit than I did to finally pull wretches but it took until the latter to figure that out and as we already know life goes on.

During this same time I was taking evening math classes.  Only because I needed the classes but it sparked a passion for numbers and gave me a convenient social outing. Don’t think the math nerds won’t chat you up anyways. So everything I took in these university night classes was for a reason. Including introductory physics which I took one summer when I was working towards trade school or agribusiness 110 in the fall while I milked cows.  It’s not like I haven’t tried different academic avenues or vocational prospects there just hasn’t been any direction. Even as I’ve made yet another career change, the math classes that filled my adolescent nights ended in the perfect correlation of prerequisites to make such a change.

So I made a leap and went full-time into an evening bookkeeping certificate program. This wasn’t going to suffice but the idea would be that I could counter offer my lack of experience with accredited training. I actively looked and am continuing to look for work of any kind, anything that provides experience on the books. See unfortunately, no matter how many tractors you have split or how high your grade is in the graduating class – the job goes to candidate with the experience in data entry.

There’s no sense in letting your skills go unused so I’ve successfully maintained not only my own financial records but my parents’ as well. I have drawn up a draft of each personal financial statements and am ready for the end of year. This has been the extent of my job hunt and out of exasperated eagerness I continue to deliver resumes, constantly reformed and ready to go.

If you have made it this far, wow. Thank you for listening. I should have said so a while ago because it is very much appreciated. I would love to hear your story. 

In another effort to hone my skills and more or less create the experience that I so desperately need to get the experience I so desperately need; I have opened an online shop on Etsy. I don’t know how else to say it other than it’s kind of like a lemonade stand project. There is an entrepreneur in me, somewhere deep down beneath my laziness and desire to tinker with mindless things; and I know I’m not alone in thinking of ideas but never pursuing them. That nagging self doubt that allows me to own my okayness is quite refined at pointing out why not. It even spills over to day to day dealings and no one wants that shit.

Links will be posted below but I don’t want the focus in this article to be on the shop. It’s not meant to be a shameless self promotion. It’s meant to give motivation and inspiration to those unmotivated. Label that a cliche all you want autogrammar check – sometimes it takes another person’s way to set you on your own. Hang in there and remember that success is not a straight and narrow path. You must know this better than I do because you’ve made it this far.

J+A Original is a project created years ago with my mom – we spent the winter making fancy cards and matching envelopes. It was something to occupy the time and they were really cool in a nerdy way. Plus our family members loved them and so we signed every one J+A ORIGINAL since that’s what it was. Life has carried on and time has passed, the wheels spun until the other night when I brewed a pot of my homegrown tea.

Which is what I’d like to offer you, this absolutely, deliciously heartwarming cup of tea. Grown in my garden with absolutely no added chemicals, no fertilizers, and no pesticides or herbicides. Only water, sun, and soil. It’s harvested by hand, oven dried, and stored in clean, dry jars until it’s packaged in resealable bags ready to be shipped to you. It’s Canadian homegrown loose leaf tea. Simply tea because life is hectic enough as it is.
We currently have five varieties in stock with more to come. Limited! Christmas Special, Chocolate Mint.

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Use coupon code PRETTYWILDPROMO to get 20% when you order by December 31st.

Etsy Store Front – J+A OriginalSupport us on twitter @jnaoriginal

I want to support you as well! Let me know what your store or cause is, personal or collective, and how I can help to promote you also. Your efforts are not unnoticed!

Please leave any questions, comments, advisement, or tall tales below.
Thanks for reading & Stay Wild.



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