What a Time to Be Alive

Alright, so the news story was dumb. The news itself was alright but it’s not like you didn’t hear about it through some facet of modern media. There’s access to any piece of information in a matter of seconds. News travels faster than it ever has. We’ve never been more connected to and in touch with our fellow humans than we are today. To put it into perspective, the London Times reported the fall of the Alamo in Texas on May 17th, 1836. It had actually occurred two months earlier on March 6th, 1836.

One a noon news show there’s possibility to witness news stories turn devastating on live TV. Some more comical like the bank being robbed again or any time any one swears. We can take part in great adventures like the skydiving son’s Skype call. We are able to reach out to people across the planet who need what we are able to offer and we get something from them in return. It’s amazing how information travels and what humans do with it. Some are better than others with it, like all the people who sent cards and puzzle to a fellow Internet nerd who needed it. It is remarkable that I can buy a product while I sit on my couch watching Bonanza or while I sit on the city bus headed to the job I need to pay off the credit card I just bought the product on. Oh but then, my purchased product is immediately confirmed and I’m emailed a receipt.

That’s not even the half of it; you can date, drive, and dine all through forms of media. I’m talking Tinder, Uber, and UrbnSpoon to drop a few names and these are only a few. Nowadays, you are able to find any means of any entertainment through some device. Netflix streaming through any console makes it really easy to not use any of three previously mentioned devices. Social media is (social media are?) such a brilliant tool (created by the US government but nonetheless) and if used correctly (and not censored, propagated, or dictated) it can reveal many wonders of this crazy world. For instance, I just took a drip through Manitoba thanks to Google Maps and had a look at the first bank in Nova Scotia. Honestly, it’s just more and more motivating to stay indoors.

There’s no point in this at least not one in particular. There is so much happening in the world it’s hard to keep track of and I don’t mean that in a defensive “you know something I don’t” way. I just find it difficult to stay on top of the latest trends of any kind. I still wear my ratty rain boots from ten years ago. They are not waterproof, by the way.


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