3 Sites to Discover Something Wild Today

Just recently someone told me that I should go out. They didn’t offer up too many suggestions but I think that might have just been because they wanted me to come over so they wouldn’t have to go out either. I managed to stay home by joking that if I wanted to go out I’d just google somewhere I haven’t been like Spain. I did get a sensible chuckle out of that at least. So instead, I’ve got a decent 90’s sitcom, homemade soup, and three sites to discover something wild while we sit on our respective couches.



Today I Found Out is exactly as it sounds; packed with videos, articles, podcasts,  and quick facts to get you started. Like if you wanted to know that the Canadian government made oral sex legal in the very fitting year of 1969. The site is run by a brainy team of trained and skilled people collected from all over the world scouring any place they’ve missed.


logoMessy Nessy Chic is the best collage of the Internet designed as an assortment the modern messy life and the nostalgia of another time. It’s ran by an enthusiastic couple from Paris who travel, explore, and experience the world and the web; bringing it home to you. As she puts it herself “Everything you read by Messy Nessy is written from my little clubhouse with a view here in Paris … or sometimes from the little café downstairs.”



The Skimm is the perfect combination of information and laziness. It delivers its content directly to your inbox so all you need to do is scroll on through. If something catches your eye, click the link and discover something more in-depth. Let their reliable team skim through the news of day and reiterate each morning to you.


Discover something & share it wildly!

2 thoughts on “3 Sites to Discover Something Wild Today

  1. Just came across your blog. You’re kinda funny and quite interesting. I like your slant on things. Those sites are really cool. Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed messy nessy chic.

    Liked by 1 person

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