Every Day is a Great Day

Especially when it is spent above ground. It is a great day because we are here to experience it. That is not to say times aren’t incredibly shitty here and there. That is not to say we don’t just want to curl into a ball and remain round forever. That is to say that each day is fresh, brilliant start to something better. Even if that means today I just showered, at least I smell better.


If there are any new years (new day) resolutions, these are a couple that ring true no matter the age. My own personal half-ass list of things to give up because anxiety won’t quit you – would be comprised as such:

  1. Worrying; what will be will be and it will be OK.
  2. Fear in general; I do not live in a Horror film.
  3. Being lazy today and working harder tomorrow.
  4. Being someone I think other people would like.

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