Sunday Side Note: Be Excellent

Happy Sunday to you, another day has passed us and we get ready for another week ahead. So much happens that it is hard to keep up. With every bit of information available it can be tedious to sit down and write a reflective piece on a current event. In all honesty I just like to visit, converse, discuss, and discover.  When I finally sat down to recap the week the first link on the Internet’s front page was this following story about a new anti-bully program. It has taken years of research to find and decisively determine what is an effective method of preventing bullying and resolving it. Scientists, psychologists, and researchers alike have analyzed elementary to secondary students suffering from depression and bullying to make this discovery. This discovery being a new method of intervening, stepping in, and helping.

The program focuses on teaching students of all groups as well as their teachers what bully is, how to intervene, how to help the victim and bully. Ideally, reducing depression and increasing self-esteem which as anyone can agree that both those factors will affect your attitude and actions no matter who you are. The dirty down of Finnish method is something we can all try doing and that is being nice.

Science has come a long way and it has been an exciting week for discoveries as are most weeks on this planet. On the scale of grand discoveries from gravitational waves shaping time and space to methods and models for better behavior we are still on a divine journey. It is certainly a wild trip and while you’re scrolling through emails, stories, and breakthroughs remember your maker and where you have come from, you tiny, created atom you.

In the mean time, let’s be excellent to everyone.

Anti-bullying program focused on bystanders helps the students who need it the most: Study reports on success of model used in Finland

Many K-12 school efforts to reduce bullying have proven not very effective, leading educators to wonder what bullying prevention approach works best. A new study finds one anti-bullying program works extremely well. The study of more than 7,000 students in 77 elementary schools in Finland found that one program greatly benefited the mental health of sixth graders who were bullied the most, significantly improving their self-esteem and reducing their depression.

Source: Anti-bullying program focused on bystanders helps the students who need it the most: Study reports on success of model used in Finland


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