Job Hunting, Tools and All

After being unemployed for almost a year having made a career change I landed a decent gig. It’s not the end all, be all but it is finally something in my field. Having spent a small fortune on school I am relieved to be able to apply what I’ve learned, pay my bills, and that all good shit.

That’s not to say I know what I’m doing… Because I don’t. However, these sites and forums actually helped me. Finding a job became my job and I used every bit of advice I could get. A lot of it was bullshit but some of it was pretty worthwhile.


giphy (1)

These are sites and forums that actually helped me and so I really hope that they help you in some way or another.


Resume & Cover Letter – (this was the best information)

r/resumes – Posting my resume here (anonomized) was a great move because it was constructively shit on and the result was a great improvement.


Interviews – (this site was a lifesaver)

r/interviews – “Advice on preparing for job interviews, tips on how to answer various job interview questions, and what to do after the interview is over.”

I also brainstormed the fuck out of my answers. I wrote every possible question I’d been asked before or read about and practiced different responses. I rehearsed that ‘tell us about yourself’ question so much I may have even learned a few new things.


So that’s about it.. Work hard and good luck!


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