8 Minutes

Today is a nice day, already. In my world there is little to worry about right now. The sun is just peaking through some clouds, making its way into my room. There’s a chill in the air before its warmed up and a breeze that rattles the leaves of all my house plants.

In the world around me, it might be a little different. Well, a lot different. If I needed something to worry about then an easy way to do so is by turning on the news. My fancy smart phone has a quick read news filter in the search menu – I can worry before I’ve even started looking.

It doesn’t take much, you see, since so much has occurred in our world and continues to happen. It’s easy to get lost in the uncertainty¬† and to struggle seeing what will always remain. When you consider the past, the future may be clouded or clear. Sometimes it starts out one way and ends another. Sometimes you can’t see the sky because the sun is just so bright; other times it’s because of the clouds. Either way, you know it’s there.

All we have is today. Yesterday is over and tomorrow might not come. Rain or shine, still air or storms – we should have shades on and an umbrella in the car for whatever weather we may face. And a good pair of shoes to keep on walking this path.

Stay wild, stay positive.

Photo Credit: Linsen Schuss

What's Wild?!

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