Speaking of Stories

This is not my story to share but I feel this is a side that should be ignored. With everything that has been happening in the States this last while it is hard not to think the American future is bleak. Being their next door neighbor is a little disconcerting but we have dilemmas of our own. The media tends to fixate on what will get the most reaction and what is the most wrong. Sometimes this is is a way of distracting us so that we don’t pay attention to what is really going on. Our opinions are formed by a tiny person in a box. Well anyways, this tiny person wants you to check out this other person’s perspective of the Charlotte protests occurring right in the States.

Again this is not mine to share but it should be out there as much as possible to remind us that we can be civil. That we can demonstrate and relate. We are not all strangers. We are here together and we must respect that.

Check out the full post here by the person who took these photos. While I sit here in my comfy little world, there are people who are still fighting for theirs.


One of the First Signs I Saw

This young man was fired up, and moments before I snapped this photo a passerby shouted something at him. The two argued, but otherwise continued on their way peacefully.


Dino Davis

Dino “Jungle Boy” Davis was another positive personality out there. He helped keep the crowd moving and was always helping from the front of the march.


Capt. Campagna Leaves a Message

When a protester asked the captain if he wanted to leave a message among the others, he gladly took the chalk and left a simple one: Peace.

Stay wild.



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