Well, Sh!t.

When I wrote my last post in January I certainly was not expecting 2020 to transpire as it did. No one was expecting this; you could not fathom this five months ago. As a babbled on about the good times, and the bad times – the world was facing a very big, very infectious meteor of sorts. It has grown into something more wild than ever anticipated. I’m not about to get on any wing: left, right, or center. It is just wild – no pun intended. So, I ended the post hoping for a clear year, because after all ‘the vision is supposed to be top notch’. Like yeah, OK, man. Yet in a bassackwards kind of way things have been made clear. In this time of self-isolation, we have certainly discovered more about ourselves. Some things that we maybe didn’t want to know. Some things we’re better off knowing. 

So, having said that, This is Pretty Wild is changing directions. Something kind of wild occurred for me in that I may gluten intolerant or sensitive. This is totally the part where you roll your eyes and carry on. I get it. This blog was always meant to be world commentary, and there may still be a peanut gallery to the greatest show of all – life. But for now, we’re going gluten free. I say that I may be sensitive to gluten, because due to the current world events I have not yet been tested. I am however experimenting and my research so far indicates that something is, and has been for a while, amiss.

From the pain, to the bloating, to the headaches and depression to eliminating gluten for a week at a time and feeling like a new person. It has been pretty wild and you can not make this shit up. It’s not just about food and ‘diets’. It’s about changing your life and allowing yourself to be the best version of yourself, because we are never not a work in progress. In a time where life has never seemed so short, we should give ourselves the best treatment we can.

I hope you stay wild with me on this journey as it will always be an awkward transgression into the real world.


Stay Wild.


What's Wild?!

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