Job Hunting, Tools and All

After being unemployed for almost a year having made a career change I landed a decent gig. It’s not the end all, be all but it is finally something in my field. Having spent a small fortune on school I am relieved to be able to apply what I’ve learned, pay my bills, and that all good shit.

That’s not to say I know what I’m doing… Because I don’t. However, these sites and forums actually helped me. Finding a job became my job and I used every bit of advice I could get. A lot of it was bullshit but some of it was pretty worthwhile.


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These are sites and forums that actually helped me and so I really hope that they help you in some way or another.


Resume & Cover Letter – (this was the best information)

r/resumes – Posting my resume here (anonomized) was a great move because it was constructively shit on and the result was a great improvement.


Interviews – (this site was a lifesaver)

r/interviews – “Advice on preparing for job interviews, tips on how to answer various job interview questions, and what to do after the interview is over.”

I also brainstormed the fuck out of my answers. I wrote every possible question I’d been asked before or read about and practiced different responses. I rehearsed that ‘tell us about yourself’ question so much I may have even learned a few new things.


So that’s about it.. Work hard and good luck!


Sunday Side Note: Be Excellent

Happy Sunday to you, another day has passed us and we get ready for another week ahead. So much happens that it is hard to keep up. With every bit of information available it can be tedious to sit down and write a reflective piece on a current event. In all honesty I just like to visit, converse, discuss, and discover.  When I finally sat down to recap the week the first link on the Internet’s front page was this following story about a new anti-bully program. It has taken years of research to find and decisively determine what is an effective method of preventing bullying and resolving it. Scientists, psychologists, and researchers alike have analyzed elementary to secondary students suffering from depression and bullying to make this discovery. This discovery being a new method of intervening, stepping in, and helping.

The program focuses on teaching students of all groups as well as their teachers what bully is, how to intervene, how to help the victim and bully. Ideally, reducing depression and increasing self-esteem which as anyone can agree that both those factors will affect your attitude and actions no matter who you are. The dirty down of Finnish method is something we can all try doing and that is being nice.

Science has come a long way and it has been an exciting week for discoveries as are most weeks on this planet. On the scale of grand discoveries from gravitational waves shaping time and space to methods and models for better behavior we are still on a divine journey. It is certainly a wild trip and while you’re scrolling through emails, stories, and breakthroughs remember your maker and where you have come from, you tiny, created atom you.

In the mean time, let’s be excellent to everyone.

Anti-bullying program focused on bystanders helps the students who need it the most: Study reports on success of model used in Finland

Many K-12 school efforts to reduce bullying have proven not very effective, leading educators to wonder what bullying prevention approach works best. A new study finds one anti-bullying program works extremely well. The study of more than 7,000 students in 77 elementary schools in Finland found that one program greatly benefited the mental health of sixth graders who were bullied the most, significantly improving their self-esteem and reducing their depression.

Source: Anti-bullying program focused on bystanders helps the students who need it the most: Study reports on success of model used in Finland


Today’s Reason Why I Dislike: University

Costs. Or rather, hidden costs. There is no cheap alternative to accredited training that I have found. (Please, please correct me on this). $10,000 for 3 months of long-haul training; $5000 for bookkeeping; $9000 for office techniques. Multiply that by 2 or 3 or 4 for the subtotal of any program greater than a certificate. Add living expenses (no pardon me, students only student), supplies, and textbooks to the equation and it doesn’t take a math minor to realize it’s a ridiculously over priced, risky investment.


Today’s main gripe: One course at my local Canadian university cost 451.55 plus tuition fees at 153.49, roughly totaling 605 dollars. This is a business communications class and if you were to invest in science or math you’re looking closer to the 700-800 dollar mark excluding tuition. Since this is an online course (with in class options available) I decided to save money and not buy a hard copy version of the $120 textbook. Instead, I followed the link provided by my instructor (I don’t think they’re really professors, we’re instructed to watch youtube videos and read the textbook) and purchased an online rental from the publishing site for $65. I was wrong to overlook the source and in doing so I was hit with a currency exchange. That 6 month rental has now cost me $105. For another 20 dollars I would have an actual book in my hands.

That’s pretty much it; the cost of education is unreal even in a dinky, little farm town, wannabe city such as this. When it’s required to have a sanitation ticket to mop floors or when hosting is a certified trade is when education loses its value. I used to envy other countries that not only practiced but also promoted free education. I just want to discover why a sphere is a sphere but not at the same price as my mortgage. Now I see that even though Canadian education isn’t free by any means it is also overly abundant. The thrill of competing in an academic world is fleeting when everyone is an academic. Not that education should be a competition; that is not what I mean. Education (in my uneducated opinion) should be accessible and available to the people who want it. Not for the kid whose parents are paying for a second undergraduate program because you didn’t like the first university you picked. It should not be forced on people either. I love learning but not sitting under fluorescent lights listening to a racist Chinese professor hammer on about the Chinese.

I guess I am having a hard time finding the balance between academia and experience. How are they not one in the same when you are dealing with financial blunders such as these?


Stay Wild and stay on budget.


Twenty Days into 2016

How are your resolutions going? I had big plans but the thing about depression is that it doesn’t care. Now that I am out of that stupor, the blinds are open and the dishes are done. I opened up my textbooks and my computer only to be overwhelmed. It seems like every year we get further and further away from a time that one could consider simpler. Sure, everything we have accessible at our fingertips is made so out of convenience. Resealable packages and pre-cooked dinners. Don’t bother picking up your phone, there’s a watch for that. Having a hard time parking? There’s software for that. Many things are made to simplify this 24/7 running world that has been mass-produced not to let us live simply at all. Which is what it should be about.

I can only imagine an idealistic world that once was because the grass is always greener but imagine when the heat of your home depended on how much firewood you’d chopped. You would not be worrying about who said what or who has what. You’d just want to heat your home so you could cook some food. (No gender role assignment, chop and cook as you please, you human you).  That was that. Now we have all the time in the world to question our existence and order pizza online. But I still seem to complicate everything. From making mashed potatoes (I had no idea it boiling the potatoes and mashing them, it’s seriously that easy) to making plans with a friend (I have a whole week planned including job shadowing and junk shopping). More frustratingly is how complicated I make my writing when it’s held up by a very flimsy structure. How does it look? How does it sound? This is just a big mess, I best discard and not write for a month.

Which brings us almost to this morning. I read a very inspiring Daily Post about keeping writing simple. That’s really what it’s all about, keeping it simple. Too often I find myself lost in the expression. I want to convey an idea, a notion, a scenario to the reader but I trip over my own embellishments. Oh, how we exaggerate great tales of our adventurous imagination only sit back in the exotic jungle that is house plants. This attends to everyday life. I have the same stories to tell however I stumble over them just the same. Then when reality hits I realize it wasn’t like that at all. Too often do I compare myself to others. I very willingly put them on a tier and whether above or below there is always some distinction. When the simple response is we’re all human just trying to make a go of it. Ok, sure a lot of people put themselves in an entirely less simple category and they don’t exactly fall under this one but in the end, we are just people. Confused, discouraged, and still excited for the day.

Things to do today if nothing else:

1. Keep it simple; no really do this
2. Be honest; maybe not with another human but certainly with yourself 3. Take your own advice; everyone has an opinion, it’s ok to listen to your own

Stay wild and don’t let life bring you down. The Earth just spins, it’s nothing personal.

Every Day is a Great Day

Especially when it is spent above ground. It is a great day because we are here to experience it. That is not to say times aren’t incredibly shitty here and there. That is not to say we don’t just want to curl into a ball and remain round forever. That is to say that each day is fresh, brilliant start to something better. Even if that means today I just showered, at least I smell better.


If there are any new years (new day) resolutions, these are a couple that ring true no matter the age. My own personal half-ass list of things to give up because anxiety won’t quit you – would be comprised as such:

  1. Worrying; what will be will be and it will be OK.
  2. Fear in general; I do not live in a Horror film.
  3. Being lazy today and working harder tomorrow.
  4. Being someone I think other people would like.

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