Wow, 2020!

When I opened this blog tonight, the first insight I had was for a post that I made two years ago. It’s unreal to think how much time flies. How it flies when we are happy and how it flies when we’re not. Even when we are bogged down by stress and dismay, and the days seem to drag on, it seems like it went by quickly. Sure, looking back on things, it’s all a blur, but how quickly it comes and goes is rather spectacular.

I heard on the radio the other day, questions asking what was your most memorable moment of 2019. For me, this is the first year in a while that it’s not all a blur! If I think real hard I can remember other years of course, but this year is so crystal clear. When you’ve been consumed by the bog, a clear or light mist is an amazing thing.

So here is to a good, clear 2020. After all, the vision is supposed to be top notch.

Peanut Gallery Concern

“All alone in my castle, I am wonderful. I spend the most time with me, I should know.”

Am I nutty or are you nutty and I’m allergic? What is it about people that bothers me so much? I don’t for a second think that I’m better than anyone; in all honesty on a good day I don’t think I’m any worse. So how come  they annoy me to no end and by the time I’ve had enough I’m rude! That’s not me. At least I don’t think it is and when I am – well I certainly don’t want to be. There’s a difference between a being an asshole and being rude. Lots of people are assholes. Some people even make money off being these kinds of people. Mainstream media and low brow comedy shows are idyllic with their assholes. Not to put either of those down – well maybe the former eh – or to even call one out. I mean to say that we certainly thrive off humor at other people’s expense. My whole point being is we’ve all laughed a few times there especially at our own expense. I mean, we’re better off chuckling at ourselves anyways. Then the jerk walks into the room and instead of being kinda funny in the right light this person is really, undeniably rude. Don’t get me wrong there’s a spectrum; you can have varying ratios of rude to asshole. Some people fall somewhere in between. Like a bank teller rolling her eyes or not being able to say hello. Then there’s really rude and all that shit but we don’t need to get into that. It changes in circumstance and happens occasionally by accident – don’t do business errands at five o’clock on Friday after work – but generally, typically I just want to be kind.

So I looked it up. Google better not start advertising me self help books on amazon. That was a bad joke. Anyways, according to being kind is defined as: having or showing behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people. “they thought she was wrong but were too polite to say so” of or relating to people who regard themselves as more cultured and refined than others.As I said, I have no issue above anyone else. Although trying to tell that to our egos can be a whole other bag of worms. And since we’re not going fishing we are just looking at what is kindness. Consideration for other people. That old golden rule that states we should treat others as we would want to be treated. Which is a great sentiment if you like yourself. If you hate yourself you’re not going to expect kind treatment so why would you provide it. At the end of the day you are left with yourself – nuttiness and all. So perhaps I am more annoyed with myself than others. Kindness to yourself is important so you can be kind to the next person. It starts with you.


Speaking of Stories

This is not my story to share but I feel this is a side that should be ignored. With everything that has been happening in the States this last while it is hard not to think the American future is bleak. Being their next door neighbor is a little disconcerting but we have dilemmas of our own. The media tends to fixate on what will get the most reaction and what is the most wrong. Sometimes this is is a way of distracting us so that we don’t pay attention to what is really going on. Our opinions are formed by a tiny person in a box. Well anyways, this tiny person wants you to check out this other person’s perspective of the Charlotte protests occurring right in the States.

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Sunday Side Note: Be Excellent

Happy Sunday to you, another day has passed us and we get ready for another week ahead. So much happens that it is hard to keep up. With every bit of information available it can be tedious to sit down and write a reflective piece on a current event. In all honesty I just like to visit, converse, discuss, and discover.  When I finally sat down to recap the week the first link on the Internet’s front page was this following story about a new anti-bully program. It has taken years of research to find and decisively determine what is an effective method of preventing bullying and resolving it. Scientists, psychologists, and researchers alike have analyzed elementary to secondary students suffering from depression and bullying to make this discovery. This discovery being a new method of intervening, stepping in, and helping.

The program focuses on teaching students of all groups as well as their teachers what bully is, how to intervene, how to help the victim and bully. Ideally, reducing depression and increasing self-esteem which as anyone can agree that both those factors will affect your attitude and actions no matter who you are. The dirty down of Finnish method is something we can all try doing and that is being nice.

Science has come a long way and it has been an exciting week for discoveries as are most weeks on this planet. On the scale of grand discoveries from gravitational waves shaping time and space to methods and models for better behavior we are still on a divine journey. It is certainly a wild trip and while you’re scrolling through emails, stories, and breakthroughs remember your maker and where you have come from, you tiny, created atom you.

In the mean time, let’s be excellent to everyone.

Anti-bullying program focused on bystanders helps the students who need it the most: Study reports on success of model used in Finland

Many K-12 school efforts to reduce bullying have proven not very effective, leading educators to wonder what bullying prevention approach works best. A new study finds one anti-bullying program works extremely well. The study of more than 7,000 students in 77 elementary schools in Finland found that one program greatly benefited the mental health of sixth graders who were bullied the most, significantly improving their self-esteem and reducing their depression.

Source: Anti-bullying program focused on bystanders helps the students who need it the most: Study reports on success of model used in Finland


Something Wild Without Leaving the House

Every now and then I’ll get out of the house, explore the world, and travel through great adventures. More often than not I’ll stay home and write about them. I live in a small, concrete jungle with tall, towering homes and industrial businesses. Living on the top floor of a small complex, the most nature that I experience are the wasps ever Summer and the migrating geese in the Fall. Last Sunday,  which was a beautifully dreary day, we spotted this eagle enjoying the day himself. He sat there for the length of a coffee in the wind and the rain, perched in the grey sky. It was neat seeing a beast so majestic from the comfort of my house.

Ok ok, I’ll get out this week.


Happy Sunday, thanks for staying and sharing my wild world.



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