Gluten Free Crackers

These are an awesome, easy to make, alternative to regular crackers. Absolutely you can buy gluten free crackers off the shelf, but that’s not always what we’re after. Three ingredients and a few pieces of kitchenware is all you need for these gluten free crackers. I will take more pictures when I make them again, … More Gluten Free Crackers

Well, Sh!t.

When I wrote my last post in January I certainly was not expecting 2020 to transpire as it did. No one was expecting this; you could not fathom this five months ago. As a babbled on about the good times, and the bad times – the world was facing a very big, very infectious meteor … More Well, Sh!t.

Wow, 2020!

When I opened this blog tonight, the first insight I had was for a post that I made two years ago. It’s unreal to think how much time flies. How it flies when we are happy and how it flies when we’re not. Even when we are bogged down by stress and dismay, and the … More Wow, 2020!