No, Seriously. Because It’s 2015.

While the election was happening it was every where in Canada. That may have been because it was one of the longest campaigns we’d ever had but it also was because of the change brewing beneath the cabinet seats. As the days carried on, the fall leaves crunching under the marching feet, there was even more excitement than the Blue Jays in the world series. Actually, for me these elections are like sporting events and it’s one of the only times I wave a flag. When it finally came down to election night the cities were quiet waiting for the call. To much of everyone’s surprise and expectation, Justin Trudeau won a Liberal Majority government. Ok, it’s all really tomato, tamahto and knowing which devil is the better devil except when you look at the little bit of change Justin Trudeau (the human) has made for Canada.


This is progress and it is long, long, long, so long overdue. The response that I am finding from many internet users is that no shit should be given for the gender or race of a minister but for their merits and abilities. Random Internet Friend, I could not agree with you more. We should never look at one another and see the race or gender or ethnicity. We should be, all of us, the very same, equal beings with no difference except our abilities proven by what we’ve shown. Unfortunately for us, it has not been that way. Sure, things were different for non-white-men-between-24-and-80. Exceptionally, irreversible things have been done to the people that did not fit into that category. So it is about time that we had a cabinet with gender and race variation. I’m very sorry that it took this long but I’m not sorry that these people were chosen on the reasons that best suited the position at hand. The aboriginal minister should be aboriginal. The minister of disabilities should be disabled. The minister of defense should have served in a war. These are the people we need and they were picked because of their background and history. If that history was made from their race or gender or culture they should be proud of the heritage. It is who they are that has brought them this far and finally to a place where Canada can see some real change. It may be overdue but it is now a reality and that is much better than spewing the opinion so heatedly that this is pity and not progress.

The only pity we should have is on Harper who probably didn’t anticipate getting the boot.

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‘Because It’s 2015’

This has to be the most exciting political time for me personally. I’m not involved, affiliated, or interested but with Justin Trudeau I strongly believe we will be the change we want to see. It will certainly have it’s rocky moments and I imagine we will have the most investigated criticism in a couple years but for now that same patriotic bliss is still steaming.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (second from left) wearing dark glasses, arrives with members of his new cabinet for swearing in ceremonies at Government House in Ottawa, July 6, 1968. Saturday. Left to right are: James Richardson, minister without portfolio, D.C. Jamieson, (partly hidden), minister without portfolio, Trudeau, Justice Minister John Turner, Jean Marchand, Forestry Minister, and Gerard Pelletier, State Secretary. Ten years after his death, and more than four decades after it was taken, the photo of Pierre Trudeau striding up the drive at Rideau Hall - flanked by his dark-suited cabinet-to-be - still packs a blast of movie-star, hipster cool. (Doug Ball/CP)

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