Welcome to the Wild

What is This is Pretty Wild?

It’s the collective tales of our internet travels and the wild things we find in this world. It’s a transgression into the real world and it’s pretty wild.

Also, unreasonably awkward and occasionally funny.

What is it that turns your gears and gets you going? What is it that you are passionate about, excited and lively about? What are the ideas and notions that enthrall you – that anger you? What are the reasons you wake up in the morning or the reasons you don’t sleep at night? What is it that makes you wild?

There are things that motivate us, that move us, and that drive us. Things that makes us better people and things that bring out the worst. This is just a few so far.  This is Pretty Wild.

Does something catch your eye, spark your interest, and get you wild? Let us know! This is for the pure enjoyment of the written word and all that is wild in the world. At least a little of it. Your enthusiasm is needed, let us know what gets you wild.

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Thank you very much for your addition. Stay wild!