Why Stay Wild

What does it mean to stay wild?

It’s really just a stupid saying that runs off the blog title. I like puns. Wild Notion, Wild Finds, Wild Sights, c’mon it just goes on. I wrote a very dry but somewhat eloquent paragraph for this description with so many definitions. Be this, be that, trust this, not that, stand for something. Really though it means to be yourself because wouldn’t that be wild. If you we were all ourselves and could be no matter what. Have what ever whatever values, opinions, and beliefs we chose without fear. Hmm. Bringing it back to scale, whether awkward or still learning (which is all of us, admit it) there are times where we are not ourselves and finally when we are there is a scent of rejection that lingers. At least I’ve been there but as soon as it dissipates there is this clear air of acceptance. I have also been there briefly once or twice. So you should know to be yourself because you are the best at it. Wouldn’t it be Wild if you believed that too.

Although.. sometimes sugar-coated bullshit hurts the teeth and Staying Wild is about the truth. Our humanness is more important than how we dress it up. This is Pretty Wild doesn’t take off anything specific theme. It was created to spread awareness for the wild happenings of our world. Things have changed since then in the five+ years and when it was happening at the time, it was wild but I watched it from my chair. There are no guises in nature and a wild being would not trust a flashy screen nor should we. Be aware and informed, question everything, and don’t take anyone’s shit. Wouldn’t that be wild.